of the National University of Pharmacy

Analytical control of the quality of chemical medicinal compounds

Each enterprise takes care of the output of competitive production: medicine, food stuff, production of chemical enterprises. There is a need in good specialists that can hold the investigation of materials, half-made and ready-made products in accordance with standards of quality with classical chemical methods as well as with the help of modern devices.

The College of the National University of Pharmacy is the only educational institution inUkraine which trains junior specialists in this speciality and has old traditions in the training of specialists in given profile. Graduating students of the college work in different parts of our country.

Experienced teachers will give qualitative training, which gives you an opportunity to get interesting and responsible work in chemical laboratories and departments of the control of quality:

– enterprises of different fields: pharmaceutical, chemistry, machine-building, food, light industry etc.;

– research institutes;

– sanitary-and-epidemiological stations;

– customs inspection bodies etc.

Graduating students of our College, having a great amount of knowledge, continue their higher education in the Universities in shorter terms of studying (National University of Pharmacy, NTU “KhPI”,V.N.KharazinKharkivNationalUniversity, Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy etc.)

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