of the National University of Pharmacy

Historical information

NUPh College is a public educational institution, based on the state property of Ukraine.. 

Established College as an educational institution is measured from the time the organization in 1946 Kharkov Chemical and Industrial College (Council of Ministers Decree № 4212-r of 03.30.1946), which in 1955 changed its name to chemical-mechanical (Order № 410 Minhimpromu from 27.08.1955 )

The process of restructuring in Ukraine, the need for specialists to the network of Pharmacy set in 1991 before the College, have developed chemical base conversion task in chemical and pharmaceutical college.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 190 from 27.12.1991 the Kharkov Chemical and Mechanical College changed its name to Kharkov Chemical and Pharmaceutical College. In college by the Ministry of Health was transferred pharmaceutical department of the Kharkov Medical School № 1 (Ministry of Health of 27.01.1992, № 17). 

In 1997, according to the order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 26.06.1997, the № 8-03-15/793 liquidated at the Chemical Pharmaceutical Professional College formed Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy.

In connection with the provision of Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy in accordance with the orders of the President of Ukraine of 06.09.1999 № 112/99 status of national institutions, referred to as the Technical College of the National Pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine (Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy Order of 01.11.1999, № 358) .

According to the Decree of the National University of Pharmacy of 10.10.2002, № 348 College changed its name to the National Technical University of Pharmacy. 

Under the authority of Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 22.12.2004, the № 08.01-22/3065 and the Order of the National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine of 01.01.2005 № 1-National University of Pharmacy Professional reorganized in college. 


Material resources: 2 academic and laboratory buildings, 57 classrooms and labs, computer labs, conference hall, sports and recreation complex, a complex of student meals, library, electronic reading room, reading room, a dormitory.

For the students:

 –  full support necessary academic literature;

 –  reduced price meals in canteens and cafes;

 –  center of primary health care;


–  sport complex with fitness centers, tennis courts; 

 –  Cultural Center: theater pop songs, pop studio and ballroom dance club fun and inventive, modern theater. 


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