of the National University of Pharmacy


Search engines and directories of resources

Ukrainian portal
Bigmir (Ukraine)

Purpose (Ukraine)
Rambler (Russia)
Aport (Russia)
Yandex (Russia)
Google (Russia)
Yahoo! (USA)
Altavista (USA)
UAmedia :: Ukrainian newspapers on the Internet
Ukrainian portal

Digital libraries

Library Maxim Moshkova
SUMMARY “Science and Technology”

SUMMARY klassycheskoy literature
Nauchnaya SUMMARY
Эlektronnыy Museum Books
Library NUFT

World Library

US National Library of Medicine
Home Library of Congress
The British Library
Britannica Online
Electric Library Personal Edition
Gabriel (Information service of the national libraries of Europe)
97 OPAC (online public directories available)
National Library of France
Cambrige University Library
publychnaya State-owned scientific and commercial-Library
Library Bauman th . N. Bauman
VINITI g.Moskva
Fundamentalnaya Library SPbHTU

Library of Ukraine

Library of Parliament of Ukraine
State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine

National Library of Ukraine. VI Vernadsky
State Scientific Pedagogical Library. VA Sukhomlynsky

School Libraries

University of Economy and Law “STEP” (University of STEP) – 57 509 byb. described
Natsyonalnaya academy Control (NAU) – 55 003 byb. described

Scientific Library of the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
Scientific Library. Maksymovych National University. Taras Shevchenko
Scientific and Technical Library National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”
Scientific Library of the National Pedagogical University MPDragomanov
Sci – Tech Library them. GI Denisenko National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Scientific and Technical Library NUFT
Scientific Library NUBiP Ukraine
MBK Fort Hare Library
Library ONAFT im.Lomonosova
Library KNTEU


All of the animals and plants
Red Book of Ukraine

Electronic dictionaries

English-Russian dictionary “MultyLeks”
English-Ukrainian technical dictionary

AltaVista Translations
help. Dictionaries. Explanatory dictionaries. Explanatory dictionaries of English
Online-translator PROMT company
Oxford English Dictionary Welcome
Trident Software Machine Translation Software for English, Russian, Ukrainian

Scientific publications

Association of Veterinary Medicine US
list of many veterinary journals

Electronic books

Learn English
electronic textbook on chemistry for schools

Patent Search

Official web portal of State Department of Intellectual Property
, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property” (UPTO)

United Kingdom Patent Office


Parliament of Ukraine
Government portal Ukraine


Ukrainian Pravda


Kharkiv forum

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