of the National University of Pharmacy


You are on the threshold of making the important decision in your life: “Whish speciality should I choose?” Choose “the Pharmaceutics”!

Pharmacist is a person, who prepares, sells, keeps medicines, checks its quality, conducts sanitary-enlightening and information work among the population. Pharmacit’s activity requires know ledges in the field of chemistry, biology and medicine.

Pharmacists usually work at the chemist but also at the chemist’s center, on the pharmaceutical firm or store, at the inspection-analytical laboratory. The contents, amount, planning and equipment of the working space depends on the specification of the work.

The following abilities and skills are important in the pharmacist’s work: knowledge’s of medicines, the ability to consult the customer, stress stability, responsibility, sociability, politeness, honesty, ability to work in the collective, attentiveness and accuracy. The love of the profession is very important.

Demand on the labor market of these specialists is very high. The chemists representatives of the foreign companies are being opened.

Pharmacist is the first step in your career. You can build a career in any field of the pharmaceutical market.

Every year the world market of medicines is grown on 9-10% Nowdays a lot of pharmaceutical specialists get interesting work and high salary.

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