of the National University of Pharmacy

Specialties of сollege

College — a higher educational institution І – the II level of accreditation which carries out training of junior experts for pharmaceutical branch.

Education level Specialties Qualification Form of education Training term
Complete general secondary education (11 classes) Pharmacy bachelor  Full-time 3  years
Pharmacy junior specialist Full-time 2  years Certificates

  • Ukrainian and literature
  • biology
Correspondence 3  years
Analytical control of the quality of chemical medicinal compounds junior specialist Full-time 2  years
Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations junior specialist Full-time 2,5 years
Basic secondary education (9 classes) Pharmacy junior specialist Full-time 3  years


  • Ukrainian (dictation)
  • chemistry ( writing test)
Analytical control of the quality of chemical medicinal compounds  junior specialist Full-time 3  years
Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations  junior specialist Full-time 3,5 years

5.12020101 “Pharmacy”

The druggist prepares for work in branches of pharmaceutical production, wholesale and retail trade in pharmaceutical goods, medical and orthopedic products, optics, etc.

The druggist provides the population with medicines, goods of medical appointment and can hold primary positions:

– druggist; – head of department or assistant manager department; – pharmacy manager (pharmaceutical point); – laboratory assistant (pharmacy).

5.12020102 “Analytical  control of the quality of chemical medicinal compounds”

The technician-laboratory assistant prepares for work in branches of chemical and pharmaceutical productions, in research establishments, sanitary and epidemiologic stations, in sanitary laboratories, bodies of customs control.

The technician-laboratory assistant provides analytical quality control of raw materials, semi-products, the chemical medicinal compounds, ready medicinal forms and preparations and can hold primary positions:

– technician-laboratory assistant (chemical and physical researches); – technician-laboratory assistant (chemical production); – laboratory assistant of control and analytical laboratory; – laboratory assistant (pharmacy); – chemical analysis laboratory assistant; – laboratory assistant of the spectral analysis.

 Specialty 5.12020103  “Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations”

Technician-technologist is trained for work in the field of chemical-pharmaceutical industry, work in workshops, sectors, in the department of chief technologist, in the department of technical control of pharmaceutical factories, scientific-research institutions and can hold the following posts:

– shift foreman; – technologist; – technician; – technician-laboratory assistant;  – machine operative of high quality.

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